Hearts4Love is the outreach program of Champions of Freedom.  It is our answer to the bloated, unwieldy, inconvenient community service sector.  Everyday thousands of people are sentenced to thousands of hours of community service.  Thousands more have to complete community service requirements for school.  And some people are just trying to make a difference.  

However, most nonprofits really don’t know how to make use of so many potential volunteers—and most volunteers get stuck performing mindless busy work that really doesn't make a difference in their community.  

Community service has become a burdensome requirement for students looking to graduate; a punishment reserved for our ‘criminals,’ instead of the opportunity to do something special, to help other people in the community.

Hearts4Love hopes to change that.  Our community service program is designed to connect those that want to help with those who need it.  We help people volunteer their strengths toward the good of others.  

Our program is structured so that people can complete their community service when it’s convenient to them, wherever there’s a need.  We’ll help you get started right away.  

To learn more about the causes we support read more at Champions of Freedom.