We Give The People Second Chances.


Our society thankfully knows that veterans deserve to be seen as returning heroes, not criminals, despite whatever war experiences they might have had.


Unfortunately, back here at home, our peace officers and their justices of the peace serve a system that vigorously labels heroic men and women as criminals, even when no harm was meant and no harm was done. With tens of thousands of laws to be broken, and monetary incentives to apprehend yet more 'criminals', this has lead to the U.S. currently imprisoning a larger percentage of our population than any other developed nation. This is wrong! We are champions of freedom!


Psychology shows that people are formed by the expectations that others put on them. Yet our 'justice' system labels every indicted defendant as a 'criminal', and then keeps records to prove it. This totally undermines the narrative that they exist to prevent and combat crime and actually creates a criminal class and a punitive society. Where is the love? How can this inherent injustice be addressed?


For starters, we have created a small, but significant remedy. Our outreach to those Americans who have been swept up by the law, and left in bondage to the belief that they are criminal and bad. When they come to us to serve their court-mandated community service hours, we have a system of service that honors them as responsible adults who have generously decided to volunteer to serve our cause. We give them respect, dignity, and honor and make it clear that we want their input and value their decisions.


We give them a second chance to consider who they are and how they think about themselves. They are not 'criminals'. They are responsible American adults whom we encourage to learn more about the Constitution and the Bill of Rights that can protect them from these police and judicial abuses on the next go round. We are champions of freedom!


God bless America!

                                                                    Champions of Freedom:  Healing Hearts,

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